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Yeu Cherng Enterprise Co., Ltd. / Nanometer Energy Co., Ltd.
The company was established in 1996 in Taoyuan, which is a leading manufacturer of full line of quality water filtration system. With increasing requirements and support from worldwide customers through the years, Yeu Cherng expanded to 3 manufacturer plants in and.

Complete Water Filtration System for option
Yeu Cherng Enterprise Co., Ltd. / Nanometer Energy Co., Ltd. has extensive experiences specialized in all kinds of Water Filtration System & its related components, accessories. The products and service are including:
1. Residential, Commercial & Industrial types of:

* Energy Drinking Water System
* Water Dispenser
* Alkalinity Ion Water Generator
* Water Filter
* R.O. Pure Water System

2. Tool Design & Plastic Injection
3. Various kinds of Filter Cartridges & Energy Filter Media
4. OEM & ODM Service

Experienced Production and Custom Service Available
The management team of Yeu Cherng Enterprise Co., Ltd. has 20-year manufacturing expertise, consecrating in the water filtration industry and with its OEM customers. Through the working experiences with companies in worldwide, we not only dedicate to tailor an array of custom products but also keep making efforts for clients' long-term prosperity.

BEST QCDS ~ Best Quality, Cost, Delivery, Service
Yeu Cherng Enterprise Co., Ltd.'s goal is to offer you with BEST QCDS ~Quality, Cost, Delivery & Service

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